2018 Camping Season Schedule

Winter Retreats


January 12-14 New Hope CP Elders’ Retreat
March 16-18 Winchester First Baptist Women’s Retreat
March 23-24 Murfreesboro Regional CPWM Retreat

Spring/Fall Retreats and Summer Camps

April 19-22 New Covenant Emmaus Walk
April 26-29 New Covenant Emmaus Walk
May 6 Fayetteville First Presbyterian Church
May 25-28 New Covenant Chrysalis Flight
June 3-8 Tennessee Synod Senior High Camp
June 10-15 Murfreesboro/Columbia Presbytery Junior High Camp
June 17-22 Upper Cumberland Carthage Presbytery Camp
June 24-29 Murfreesboro/Columbia Presbytery Junior Camp
July 1-3 William Carey Baptist Association
July 8-13 Nashville Presbytery Junior High Camp
July 15-20 Nashville Presbytery Junior Camp
July 21 New Concord CP Church
August 11 Murfreesboro Presbytery Day/Mini Camp
August 12 Fayetteville CP Picnic
August 24-26 Winchester First Baptist Church Retreat
August 31-September 3 New Covenant Chrysalis Flight
September 6-9 New Covenant Emmaus Walk
September 13-16 New Covenant Emmaus Walk
September 21-22 Bethlehem Baptist Church Men’s Retreat
October 5-6 Tennessee Synod CPWM Retreat
October 12-14 Harvest of Hope
October 19-20 Bethlehem Baptist Church Women’s Retreat
October 26-28 Kids Hunting for a Cure
November 2-4 Murfreesboro Presbytery Youth Retreat
November 9-11 Milton Church of Christ Retreat
November 16-18 Stewart’s Chapel Baptist Women’s Retreat